Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to become the regulator for funeral plan providers
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to become the regulator for funeral plan providers from 29th July 2022

There has recently been some media coverage regarding the upcoming regulation of the funeral plan sector.

Lodge Brothers and Family Funerals Trust Ltd welcome the regulation and are pleased to report that our application is at the FCA status of “intending to authorise”

If you have any questions, please contact our Funeral Planning Team on 020 8818 7710.


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The funeral industry is surrounded by urban myths. Some people believe that crematoria remove the body for burning and return the coffin to the funeral director for re-use, or even that everyone is cremated at once and each family is given a portion of the mixed ashes. Neither of these are true. Here are the facts:
Do they really cremate the coffin?
Yes they do. The cremators are constructed in such a way that the body needs to be in a container with a solid flat base in order to move through into the heat.
Do they cremate lots of people together?
No they don’t. The aperture (door) of a cremator is sized to accept one coffin at a time. Much of the cremation process happens out of sight of the mourners, which naturally leaves many of us with questions, however most crematoriums, if requested, will allow a mourner to witness the cremation of their loved one
Do we have to pay to take a deceased person through each county or parish?
This was true once in time, but the practice ceased long ago. Funeral directors will charge a fee to transport a deceased person across the country if required, but the amount is merley to cover the costs of the vehicle, the fuel and the wages of two staff to take them wherever they need to go.
Do you still put pennies on people’s eyes?
NO, this was an old practice. We now use perforated eye caps which keep the shape of the eye and hold the eyelids closed for when you visit.
Do you still tie their toes together?
Definitely NOT, however we do attach a toe tag for identification purposes.
Does it cost money to donate your body for medical research?
There may be a charge for transporting the deceased to the local medical school.
If it is your intention to donate your body for medical research, you must make sure you register – full details can be found here

Donors should ensure that they have an alternative funeral plan should their body donation not be accepted when the time comes.

There are many reasons why medical schools may decline the offer of a donation, for example if the deceased had certain medical conditions or has had a post-mortem examination. Also, medical schools are usually unable to accept donated bodies over bank holidays, and sometimes they are simply “full” and don’t have the capacity to receive any more donations.
Will The Government pay for my funeral?
Local Councils view Public Health Funerals (previously known as Paupers’ Funerals) as a last resort and won’t take on the task of paying for your funeral if there is an alternative.  If it’s not possible to pay for the funeral from the deceased’s estate, family or friends are expected to pay for it.  The Council will try to find a relative who can pay for the funeral.  If a relative is unwilling or unable to pay, they may be asked to sign a written statement explaining their reasons.
What if I don’t want a funeral service?
People who opt out of funeral services usually do so for personal rather than financial reasons.  The alternative is a Direct Cremation which is unattended and no ceremony takes place.  It is quite simply the disposal of a body.  However, this can cause long term distress for those left behind, as the funeral service is generally seen as a vital part of the grieving process.
Funerals can...
Give testimony to the life of the deceased and allow us to remember their importance. Provide stability and balance in a time of chaos and suffering. Allow mourners to acknowledge the reality of death and bring a partial sense of closure. Enable us to express our grief and sorrow in a positive, cathartic way. Also provide a support system for those mourning and give courage and hope to the living.
Can I still be saved by the bell?
Many years ago, if you could afford it, you could be buried with a piece of string in your hand which was attached to a bell at ground level. Just in case you were not actually dead and had been buried alive, you could pull the string to ring the bell. The idea of being buried alive may well have been plausible once upon a time, but now advances in medical technology prevent this, and the practice no longer exists.

Will a Pre-paid Funeral Plan cover the cost of my funeral?
Our Funeral Plans ensure that everything specified in your Funeral Plan will be covered. Your loved ones will never have to make any additional payments for the services included in your Funeral Plan. However, this is not true of all Funeral Plan providers, so be sure to read the small print carefully when making comparisons!
I’ve found my funeral plan cheaper with someone else and they have told me I can use you?
Many funeral plan providers are not Funeral Directors, they simply act as a broker. They will sell you a funeral plan and then nominate a Funeral Director to conduct the funeral on their behalf. In some instances, the Funeral Director will not receive all the money you have paid to the Funeral Plan company. You may also find that the Funeral Director nominated is not as close as you would like. Lodge Brothers took the decision not to carry out funerals covered by plans from other providers, as they do not include the same level of detail and service that we work to, which can sometimes leave us asking families for additional funds. This did not sit comfortably with us and for that reason we no longer accept them.
Funeral Plans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?
The FCA will be regulating Funeral Plans in the future but currently there is no government regulation of funeral plans. If a Funeral Plan company tells you they are regulated with the FCA, this is simply not true.

The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) are the only current regulators of funeral plans. You should always try to use an FPA registered provider.


Since 1780, Lodge Brothers have provided funeral arrangements for families in our local communities. During this time, we have built a strong reputation for quality, based on our compassionate and highly professional approach.

Over the past 240 years we have encountered nearly every situation, and our wealth of local knowledge and experience has proved invaluable to our clients. Today, the 7th generation of the family offer a professional and personal service, and you can trust us to look after your Funeral Plan.

Lodge Brothers
The 7th generation of the Lodge family Andrew, Michael, Chris and Robert


Last year, 63% of people made financial provisions for their own funeral before they passed away. But only 64% of these people made provisions that covered the cost of the whole funeral, so their loved ones may have had to pay the rest.*

Planning ahead with a Lodge Brothers Funeral Plan will ensure your family won’t face any extra costs when the time comes, and they will find comfort in the knowledge that you said ‘goodbye’ the way you wanted to.

A fully personalised Lodge Brothers Funeral Plan gives you:

  • Protection against the rising cost of funerals – you pay TODAY’s price
  • No additional cost for your family
  • The funeral YOU want, conducted by Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors
  • Personal and professional service by NAFD qualified staff
  • Interest free monthly payment options
  • All funds held securely in a Trust Fund
  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Lodge Brothers do not conduct funerals on behalf of any other Funeral Plan provider.

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Our Funeral Plans help you beat rising costs by paying at TODAY’s prices. This protects your loved ones from any additional expenses for the services included in the Plan, no matter how far in the future the funeral takes place.

Rise in cost in the past decade*

Cremation and burial fees have risen steeply in recent years